Octagon Construction Inc has been serving the state of California since 1999 with the expertise in the construction of commercial and residential buildings from gas stations, truck stops, and carwashes to residential and development projects. Having completed more than twenty projects over the past years, we are honored and pleased to be involved in various projects with different sizes and delivery methods including design-build.

Our main services for the gas stations and convenience store construction include:

  • Turnkey Design-Build
  • Civil Construction
  • Construction and Site Consulting
  • Conversion and Remodeling

Call us not at 714-546-7014, email us at info@octagonconstructioninc.com, or contact us through our Contact page for more information. We look forward to discussing your projects and help you remodel, renovate, and convert your current gas stations and C-Stores or build your next complete built-up projects.