• Project Title: Construction of the Castaic Truck Stop and Facility Building
  • Project Type: Design-Build
  • Project Status: In-Progress
  • Location: Castaic, CA
  • Cost of construction: $3,000,000


The Castaic Truck Stop Project has been designed with the purpose of providing services to the massive demand for in service heavy trucks in the Castaic Area. Octagon Construction Inc, as the design-build construction company is responsible for the feasibility study, project engineering, and construction of the truck stop and its related facilities.

One aspect that makes this truck stop stands out is the electrification system. The spots at Castaic Truck Stop will be facilitated with the electrification systems which provide the drivers with cool air and Wi-Fi. This system will help drivers enjoy their idle time which results in safer and healthier working conditions.

The surveying, engineering, and geotechnical studies of this project has started so far. The phase 1 drawings have been designed and submitted to the local agencies for approval, and it has been scheduled to start the construction phase in March 2016.

Despite the size of the land (2.5 acres) for such a project, Octagon Construction Inc successfully completed the design of this project. Here is the design layout of this project.

2015-12-04 CASTAIC PLANS_Page_1